Do you struggle with food?

Then I have some good news for you...

I believe that having freedom with food belongs to you. 

In fact, I think it is your birthright. 

Seeing women have freedom with food gives me butterflies. This is your life, this is your chance, this is your birthright to take your power back from diet culture.

I give you practical tools, to help you break FREE from every unwanted habit you’ve ever had with food.

When I share a tool, mindset, or strategy, it means I’ve personally used it myself and with my clients so I know with 100% certainty that it works. Because you have already lost enough time, money, and energy by diet culture and this is your time to break FREE!

Guess what lovely?! I created this program JUST. FOR. YOU!

I give you step-by-step practical tools to help you change your unwanted habits with food.

Turn around your relationship with food from struggle, confusion, and pain into ease, clarity, pleasure, and power. 

Oh YES, I believe you OVERCOMING your struggles with food is your superpower, babe. 

Oh YES, I believe food and TRUSTING YOUR BODY will change how you experience all aspects of your life. 

Let’s give your relationship with food a full 360 makeover!

This Course Is For You If...

  • You love food.
  • You fear food.
  • You want to be in control of food.
  • You can’t stop thinking about food.
  • You feel obsessed with food.
  • You pick at food all day long but never quite feel satisfied.
  • You’re tired of hating your body because of food.
  • You feel like your sweet tooth is out of control.
  • Your day is either good or bad based on what you ate.
  • You are constantly rebelling against your own food rules.
  • You eat until you are uncomfortably full.
  • Your relationship with food makes you feel trapped.
  • You feel confused about food because your mind and body speak two different languages.
  • You struggle with eating foods that you know won’t make you feel good.
  • You want to have great eating habits that are actually sustainable.
  • You identify as an emotional eater.
  • You can’t seem to find balance with carbs.
  • Eating gets crazy outside the rules of your diet.
  • Indulging means feeling bad and is associated with guilt.
  • You want to be normal with food.
  • You want food to stop taking up so much brain space.
  • You feel like if your habits with food were going well, life would be going well.
  • You want to have a sense of neutrality when it comes to food.

About Soshy

Soshy Adelstein is a wellness coach for women that want to make peace with food and their bodies. Through real talk and compassionate listening, she teaches you how to let go of old beliefs around dieting, eating, exercise and weight so that you can step into new practices to support your best self now. She is a graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and uses Intuitive Eating and the Health at Every Size approach in her coaching. She is on a mission to make sure that all women feel healthy and beautiful no matter their size, shape, or weight.

Here's How It Works...

Week 1: Permission to eat all foods

I believe that our brains are not meant to be restricted around food in any way, for long periods of time. 

Let’s kickstart this program by giving you full permission to bring all of the foods you’ve restricted for so long back into your diet in a normal, peaceful, and kind way. Let the magic unfold from there. 

Week 2: Guilt, shame, and self-deprecation with food

So much of how food plays out in our bodies start in our minds. If you feel guilty before you even put the food into your mouth, while you're eating the food and after, the way that it is digested and metabolized into your body is never going to feel good.

My job is to help you notice those thoughts and change them into supportive, loving, and reasonable thoughts. 

Week 3: Limiting beliefs around food

Diet culture and restriction have made you view food in an extremely limited way. It is set up to make you fail physically and mentally. This affects how you do food physically but it makes you feel (mentally) like you are constantly self-sabotaging. 

This week is to help you become aware of your thoughts around food and to challenge, and change them. 

Week 4: Make peace with your body

Stop letting your body size dictate your life. Why? The body that you have right now is the only body that will ever matter. 

In this week, I teach you how to be in a body that feels good, that feels like YOU. 

That feels aligned and right and is not dependent on a number on the scale going up or down. 

Week 5: Become your own food & body image private Investigator

What to do when you've done week 1, 2, 3, 4 and you still screw up with food. 

Don't worry love, I've got you covered.

In this week, I show you what to do when your eating habits fall apart and you want to get back on track immediately while also taking inventory on what you need to do differently next time. 

Week 6: Tie it together and next steps

In week 6 I will share an overview of the whole program.

This is when you get to celebrate how far you have come in just 6 weeks.

We also talk about how to continue on the journey to have peace with food forever. 

Bonus Audio

Learn the reasons behind your binge eating
and how to overcome it.

Before working with Soshy I felt really overwhelmed and lost in my relationship with food. I’d been on diets all my life and didn’t know where to begin with eating intuitively. Since working with Soshy I feel in control again around food. She’s given me tools to help me tune in and listen to my body when I’m feeling lost or overwhelmed with food. I used to binge eat almost every day but since my first meeting with Soshy I haven’t had a single binge. She taught me to allow myself all foods and to listen and trust by body again. Just giving myself that permission has taken away the stress and negative feelings and replaced it with positivity and joy!

Elise M., Ontario, Canada



Is this a weight loss program? 

The Food Freedom Academy is not a weight loss program. I truly believe you cannot focus on losing weight while trying to make peace with food at the same time. Think about all of the diets you’ve tried in the past to lose weight. Initially they work really well but eventually the cravings for sugar+carbs come back and the weight is regained, and then some. If you want different results, AKA to kick ass with food, you cannot restrict it in any way. For this reason I have intentionally made this program a non-weight loss program. However one thing I will promise you is that when you make peace with food, you will feel so much better in your body. 

I’ve tried every diet imaginable and I can do it for a little while but then I return back to my old ways. Will this be the same?

Everyone responds to food freedom differently however, once you let go of all food rules and start to incorporate the foods you’ve been restricting back in to your diet on a regular basis over time the binge eating and out of control feelings you have surrounding those foods, will fall away. Someone said this about dieting and it’s true. When you first start a diet it makes you feel very in control, but then over time you lose control over food because your brain is not wired to be restrictive with food long term. With Intuitive Eating, in the beginning it may be messy as you recover from dieting and learn to eat normally but over time you will feel completely in control+empowered about your choices with food. 

Is this program helpful for binge eating?

This program will give you amazing insight in to why you binge and how to actually stop doing it. In fact, I have a whole bonus episode where I just talk about how to overcome binge eating. Hint: you don’t have a willpower problem! Binge eating cannot exist without restriction or dieting. Meaning one cannot exist without the other. They are like best friends. Once you know this you cannot unknow it and the program gives you specific tools to help you stop engaging in this behavior. 

Do you cover emotional eating?

Emotional eating is a tricky one. Although food can be very tied in to our emotions, if we are not nourished properly from a physical standpoint you can look at your emotions and become aware, but the problem will not change. For this reason I spend a lot of time in the Food Freedom Academy focusing on how to feed yourself from a non-diet standpoint first, and then talk about the mental side of food later on. 

I’m busy right now is this a good time to start?

Because you will have to eat 3,5,7 x a day for the rest of your life it is so important that you get support with this piece immediately. Food going well, means life going well. You can listen to it while your going for a walk or cleaning your house. I have made the program accessible to you no matter what your lifestyle is.

Can I do this program while I’m on a diet?

While this program doesn’t promote diets, these are tools to look at food differently. If you stick to calorie counting you may not get the same results if you were completely diet free however, even understanding food through a non-diet lens is hugely beneficial and will begin your journey to doing food differently than you’ve done before. 

Do you offer refunds?

I do not offer refunds because making peace with food is a process without the goal of weight loss or food perfection. For this reason I measure success by you just showing up and doing the work. You are not meant to get this process perfectly. The road will look bumpy, but the guarantee I make is that leaving dieting and starting to listen to your body will feel so much better than when you first started. 

Is the investment worth it?

Well, think about it this way! I have worked with someone as old as 66. She spent hundreds of thousands of dollars over her lifetime trying every diet imaginable, buying all the cleanses and supplements and a new wardrobe every few months because of her ever changing size as a result of yo yo dieting. I want you to know that I could never sell you something I didn’t think would work in 20 years from now. Intuitive Eating is a great way to make peace with food forever and I cannot wait to support you on the journey!